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The greatest risk in business today is GRIEF

Support from employers during times of crisis is important to your employees and our mission at Keep In Memory (KIM). There are many ways you can contribute towards building a compassionate and empathetic marketplace, and every little bit that you commit goes a long way in helping increase overall productivity. According to DeLisa Alexander, an executive vice president and chief people officer for IBM’s Red Hat,Trauma, grief and loss really impact productivity, and people’s ability to concentrate and to be resilient". 


Personalized Gifts

Employees want to know they are valued and  personally being thought of when a loved one dies. While many employers graciously send flowers to their employees after losing a loved one,  unfortunately it can also be a reminder of death once the flowers wither away. 70% of mourners said they  preferred sentimental gifts over flowers. Many bereaved also said they preferred not to receive food, because they loss their appetite after the loss.  

Grief can dramatically impact an employee's productivity, resulting in less outputs that can severely impact an organizations' bottom line. Companies who want to boost employee morale after losing a loved one,  should consider a more personalized approach to sympathy gifts. At Keep In Memory we curate custom (KIM) keepsake boxes delivered to your employees and their families, that send a powerful message of compassion, empathy, and thoughtfulness.    

Contact us below to begin the process of curating your company's personalized KIM Keepsake boxes starting as low as $129.99

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