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Counseling Services

Inclusive paths for everyone to navigate their personal bereavement journey

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Psychology Patient

Spiritual Counseling for Adults

1:1 sessions 
Bi-weekly group sessions

Children & Adolescent Counseling

Behavioral Specialists

MSW Certified Counselors

Licensed Certified Social Workers

School Counselors

Traditional Therapy Sessions

Group & Individual Sessions

Individuals: What We Do

Wellness and Self-Reflection

Recognizing the enormity of the challenges grieving individuals face, KIM curates programs tailored to helping people find heaven on man's earth in the midst of their sorrow.


Domestic & Global Retreats @ 33rd & H.O.M.E

  • Relax at one of our serene retreats in  Spain, Portugal, Colorado, or Arizona

  • Relate with others finding joy in the midst of their pain, and

  • Release the pain for pleasure as we explore what it means to discover Heaven on Man's Earth (HOME) with fun and fellowship.   

*Beginning September 2021. Retreats are limited to 12 individuals. Contact us for more details, deposit required to secure space


L.I.F.E Guides
Living Intentionally Full Everyday

Moment by moment, we must find ways to Live-Intentionally-Full-Everyday despite our loss.  Every month subscribers will receive a new (30) day digital LIFE guide accompanied by (4) soul stirring pre-recorded prayers. 

Minister Isha Haley will help you set the weekly atmosphere with peace, strength, and joy by providing subscribers with the tools they need to experience LIFE. Be patient with yourself on the journey, and subscribe below to receive your monthly guide for assistance celebrating, honoring, and navigating LIFE. 

Your monthly L.I.F.E guide includes:

  1. 30 days of  prayer prompts and daily affirmations to help you navigate the journey 

  2. Fun and meaningful recommendations to help celebrate and honor your loved one

  3. Digital QR code for (4) pre-recorded prayers

*LIFE guides drop the15th of Every Month beginning in January 2021 for $20 a month.Payment must be received by the 8th of every month, be sure to include your email address when making  your monthly payment.

Consider supporting a loved one with a paid subscription to help on their journey from pain to purpose.   

Individuals: Programs
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